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Our Early Childhood Programmes

Our Daily Dose of Joy and Growth 

Nursery & Playschool

3 months – 3 years

Nursery & Playschool

Your little ones are on the move to explore the world around them! We incorporate a ‘learning through play’ approach to develop your child’s physical awareness, motor and social skills, and more. We also create a safe, nurturing environment with plentiful opportunities for outdoor play, storytime, art and dance to build your child’s confidence.


4 years – 6 years


More than educators, we’re part of your support system. From learning, play and rest, we keep your child happy and settled – yes, we cover both before and after school care.

We aim to provide an enriching and comfortable experience for children and youths during non-school hours. To do so, we provide homework assistance or tutoring sessions and fun activities depending on your child’s interests.

Daycare & Transit Services

4 years – 12 years

Daycare & Transit Services

Every day is different – but it’s always fun! With lessons that mix fun and learning, children are inspired to express themselves and develop a curiosity about the world.

Our experienced preschool teachers take a personalised approach to ensure your child is up to speed with the basics, including language, literacy and numeracy skills. So, they’ll be super-duper prepared for what lies ahead of them.

“A little magic can take you a long way.”

- Roald Dahl

Join us for a learning adventure unlike any other