About Us

The Gateway To Bright Futures

Shaping Limitless Potential

At Junior Creative Montessori, every child matters to us. With an integrated thematic and Montessori approach, we aim to develop their imagination, creativity and hone their unique skills and interests.


Inspiring young minds and nurturing big hearts

We blend parental involvement and hands-on activities to foster children’s holistic development and independence within and beyond the classroom. Partnering with parents, we empower children with the skills to succeed in school and in life.

Our Education Philosophy

Our Foundation and Purpose


All-rounded Learning

With interactive technology and proven teaching methodology, we foster the holistic development of young learners that will prepare them for the challenges of tomorrow.


Building Confidence and Independence

We encourage our students to actively participate in enrichment and learning activities to build skills such as analytical thinking, problem-solving and creative thinking. Children are also free to pace and self-direct their learning to further explore their inherent needs and interests.


Respect and Care

We believe that it is our role to instil values of care and multicultural acceptance in our students and ultimately shape them into responsible global citizens. Using reflective practices and continuous thematic and multidisciplinary learning, we encourage a deeper understanding of the wider community.


Meet Our Principal

Nadzatul Akma Binti Mohamad Hamdan

Managing Director and Principal

Nadzatul Akma holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University at Buffalo, United States of America. Passionate about improving children development and well-being, she earned her certification in ‘Kursus Asuhan dan Permata’ (KAP) from the Department of Social Welfare Malaysia (Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat Malaysia). Currently, she is pursuing her diploma in early childhood education.


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